Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Live at MVP Arena

Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Live Tickets

MVP Arena | Albany, New York

All the fans of A-class racing events – buckle up! What’s esteemed to be the most exciting race of the year by critics and fans in the know alike, will finally hit the most renowned racing destination in Albany and throughout New York as well. That’s right, Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Live will honor Times Union Center to deliver an action-packed sports evening filled with easy entertainment. The talented and internationally renowned racers will work their magic right before the visitors’ eyes and secure an unforgettable and authentic experience. What’s more, each ticket holder can make a pit stop to refuel at some of the fully stocked dining and snacking options across the venue. Join the exalted crowd and feel the surge of the energy by securing your ticket today!

Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Live at Times Union Center

Albany has a long history of hosting world-class sports legends, and Times Union Center might just be the reason for it. If we have to list the most premier sports venues in New York, this trendy hall most certainly will be on top of it. That’s the reason why the venue will be hosting this upcoming unmissable event of Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Live on Saturday 22nd January 2022. Times Union Center’s wide variety of offerings speaks for itself and never fails to deliver the ultimate sports experience for the visitors. Their A-class journey starts from the moment they walk in and take a front-row look at the vivid decor, clean sightlines and installations to boot. The high-professional event staff, on other hand, handles all their requests and leaves no room for anything to be desired. All this and more make Times Union Center a feast for all the senses. Make sure to get a taste of it by securing your seat today – don’t let the chance escape!

Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Live at Times Union Center

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